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AHAAN SALT BY ANS Trading Pvt Ltd.

ANS Trading Private Limited Pakistan is a leading export brand in the field of food industry and it exports its products by the name of Ahaan Salt and Spices. We strive towards excellence by providing the finest quality Himalayan pink salt and its products. The company was setup to provide a wide range of food items to its already existing range of distinct Himalayan pink salt products. Over the years we have grown and expanded to variety of nutritional and quality products likes spices and sauces to cater to the continually changing dynamics of the food industry. ANS Trading (Pvt) Ltd. started Mining, Manufacturing, Wholesaling, Retailing and Distribution of salt products ranging from mineral rich edible pink salt to elegant salt lamps and from cooking slabs to therapeutic bath salt chunks. From processing and packaging to loading each product is checked against our quality assurance policies. Everyone at ANS Trading is personally involved to ensure that the finest products reach your tables and we can win your trust. As we provide high quality products we have been internationally certified by HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, HALAL and PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research). Our pink salt contains no additives and its totally natural and organic. Our Clients are based in the Middle East, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Europe like Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Canada and North America.

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Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to provide highest quality salt products and spices with excellent service to create maximum level of customer satisfaction.


To become world’s leading brand in the food industry especially salts and spices by utilizing state of the art technology, innovative techniques and to create largest food product range around the globe.